Welcome to IO-Snap!

Our online documentation is intended to provide an introduction to the features and uses of IO-Snap. IO-Snap supports a wide array of analytical features. Data can be edited and displayed in a variety of formats and compared and contrasted across geographical definitions at different times.

Cut and paste options are enabled throughout so that users can easily transfer data to spreadsheets for further analysis, graphing, etc. The software supports the generation of Make and Use Tables for the US, for states, for groups of states, and for generic regions for user provide input data. In the process of assembling the various utilities that support national and state-level input-output analysis, we also have created an environment that facilitates inter-state comparisons of input-output related variables such as employment and compensation. IO-Snap is also built with data manipulation capabilities so that users can edit accounts data, an essential feature for building many types of regional models. IO-Snap is designed to provide users with maximum flexibility in modifying and manipulating national and regional IO data.

To install IO-Snap, download the installer from the IO-Snap website or click here to download directly, then follow the instructions in the installation app. Once you have an active IO-Snap installation, our software auto-update feature makes it easy to keep your software up to date.

A full-featured Demo/Trial version of IO-Snap software can be downloaded and installed at no cost and with no requests for credit card or other personal information. We do ask that you register on our site at IO-Snap News and Updates to be apprised of important news and updates on IO-Snap resources. We use this list sparingly, and promise not to overload your inbox!

The Demo version is perfectly suitable for classroom instruction and use. This version has no installation limits and no expiration date, so students can install on their own PCs and can keep the software for future use. The data available in Demo mode are limited in numbers of industry sectors and years for which the data are availble. For the Demo, only three years of data are available: 2001, 2002, and 2003. The commercial version provides data for all years from 1998 through the most recent updates. Purchase the commercial version here.

You can find additional technical documents on the EconAlyze, LLC website. Additional IO-Snap description and purchasing options can also be found on the IO-Snap website. To contact us directly, email info@IO-Snap.com or use the contact features on the IO-Snap website.


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