Feature Overview

This section provides an overview of IO-Snap features to assist in navigating the software.


The Ribbon

The Ribbon contains a number of hot buttons and quick links. From left to right, these underlying fuctions are:

  • Load Data

  • Save Data

  • Print

  • Copy current selection to the clipboard

  • Paste clipboard contents to cursor location

  • Reduce significant digits in display

  • Increase significant digits in display

  • Remove all displayed tabs

  • Remove currently active tab

  • Open Impacts dialog

  • Open Regionalize dialog

  • Present the contents of the current window in summary format

  • Export the content of the currently active window in .csv format

  • Toggle header inclusion for copying content to the clipboard

  • Accounts selection dropdown list

Where not obvious, the operation of each Ribbon hot buttons is addressed elsewhere in the documentation.

The Menu Bar

There are four main menu bar items:

  • File

  • Data

  • Analysis

  • Help

These main menu items have subitems as follows:


  • Load Data

    Load data from a previously saved IO-Snap file.

  • Save Data

    Save data that has been edited in IO-SNAP. This feature is designed to allow users to save IO-Snap accounts that have been modified using aggregation or editing features.

  • Excel

    Spreadsheet export and import functionality.

  • Print

    This item opens the print dialog window for printing the contents of the active window. The print orientation is inherited from your system dialog.

  • Preferences

    Change display, header, and number settings.

  • Program Reset

    The option closes all data tabs and effectively restarts the program without the need to exit. This is especially useful if you have been exploring features and generating numerous accounts and unnecessary tabs. Extended and or interrupted use can also result in memory management errors that can be remedied by resetting the program and retrying the operations.

  • Exit

    Close IO-SNAP


This menu item provides viewing access to IO Accounts, State Industry Data, Gross Product, Requirements Tables, Multipliers, and Sector Distribution. Details on viewable data are elaborated on its own documentation page.

The Edit menu item allows users to aggregate the existing accounts and to directly edit accounts data. Documentation for these features is under development.


-Regionalize This menu item is the entry to the accounts regionalization operations.

-Impacts This menu item is the entry to the impacts assessment operations.


  • About

The About menu item provides information about the programmers and the IO-Snap Terms Conditions, and DISCLAIMER of WARRANTY

  • Documentation

Documentation is a link that points to this online documentation.