Feature Overview

This section provides an overview of IO-Snap features to assist in navigating the software.


The MenuBar

There are four main menu bar items:

  • File

  • Data

  • Analysis

  • Help

These main menu items have subitems as follows:


  • Load Data

    Load data from a previously saved IO-Snap file.

  • Save Data

    Save data that has been edited in IO-SNAP. This feature is designed to allow users to save IO-Snap accounts that have been modified using aggregation or editing features.

  • Excel

    Spreadsheet export and import functionality.

  • Print

    This item opens the print dialog window for printing the contents of the active window. The print orientation is inherited from your system dialog.

  • Preferences

    Change display, header, and number settings.

  • Program Reset

  • Exit

    Close IO-SNAP


  • View

    This function allows the user to view various tables and data sets. These include IO Accounts, State Industry Data, Gross Product, Requirements Tables, Multipliers, and Sector Distribution.

  • Edit

  • Workspace Summary Gives an overview of the data the user is working with.


-Regionalize -Impacts


  • About

  • Documentation

The Ribbon

The Ribbon contains a number of hot buttons and quick links. From left to right, these underlying fuctions are:

  • Load Data

  • Save Data

  • Print

  • Copy current selection to the clipboard

  • Paste clipboard contents to cursor location

  • Reduce significant digits in display

  • Increase significant digits in display

  • Remove all displayed tabs

  • Remove currently active tab

  • Open Impacts dialog

  • Open Regionalize dialog

  • Present the contents of the current window in summary format

  • Export the content of the currently active window in .csv format

  • Toggle header inclusion for copying content to the clipboard

  • Accounts selection dropdown list